Tips By Dr Mona Khanna

The rush has started, Christmas recital, attending Christmas parties, holding your own Christmas parties, cooking and baking, shopping,gifting and more. So, how can you remain emotionally and physically healthy? There are a whole lot of tips for shared on time management plans but here is some advice you might not have thought of:

1. Make the most of a nostalgic moment. Do something that could bring back past joy. By way of instance, setting up Christmas decorations will be able to help you reconnect with your childhood. Happiness can help to reduce pressure.

2. Over stimulation of vacation cottages and bustle can render anybody worried and distracted. To counter and remedy this by scheduling yourself a yoga, a quality time for yourself and yourself alone, or meditate. These actions calm the brain and clear your mind.

3. Adhere to a time. This is a time for giving, but do not do it at the cost of exacerbating your own stress. Learn how to say no to actions that will consume your time. You can be more gracious with your optional time when you’ve got more of it after the season.

4. Expenses may accumulate throughout the vacation season. Consider gifting IOU favors, such as caring for a friend’s pet whether or not she’s on holiday, babysitting or creating a home-cooked meal following the hectic holiday season.

Do not be overwhelmed by vacation activities.

5. Do not underestimate the stress-relieving power of a complete body massage. Do not feel guilty about treating yourself with a massage.

6. There’s one food tip for you’ this holiday season that is your capability to consume this year, it’s to maintain your portion sizes to a minimum. There are much too many temptations to gratify heftier part sizes. As a result, you are able to compensate for the season’s joys of homemade snacks and holiday snacks.

These 6 tips are offered by Dr Mona Khanna, M.D, a triple-board physician, Emmy Award-winning journalist and humanitarian.


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