Warning Signs of Drug Abuse

Drug abuse continues to be a major concern all across the globe. The term ;drug abuse’ has many different meanings that depends on the substance use, however, generally, definitions of drug abuse are like

  • using an illicit drug like cocaine, ecstasy, and heroin.
  • Consuming a prescription medicine that does not belong to you or taking your prescription more often, at higher doses.
  • Using the substances for non-medical reasons
  • Using a legal substance  like alcohol in excess with high regularity

There are multiple signs of drug abuse and it’s best if you keep on a lookout for any changes means necessary. A quick detection could help your loved ones or a stranger to avoid them from doing any more harm to themselves than they already has.


A pair of eyes can give you a great deal of information regarding drug abuse.

  • Influence of opioids will have tiny pupils.
  • Stimulant will make the pupils become dilated and only a small portion of the iris will be visible
  • Marijuana will have eyes like red and glassy.

The skin could also be affected in several ways, such as:

  • Usage of drug intravenously will have bruises and needle marks on their arms or other parts of their body.
  • Injecting steroids can have marks in areas of large muscles such as the upper thigh.
  • Addicts abusing cystal meth can develop sores on their skin due to scratching.
  • Crack users might show burn marks on mouth and fingers.
  • Substances that can damage liver will show skin that looks yellow.

Abuse of substances could result in weight problems.

  • Using marijuana could gain weight due to decreased motivation and activity levels.
  • Foremost, stimulants can reduce the appetite to a point where people could stop eating completely.

Sleeping habits and energy levels could drop immensely.

  • Addicts that are on stimulants could be awake for many days and constantly active.
  • People abusing depressants could be stuck between awake and sleep for long periods.

Most substances could affect the mood greatly and one of the primary reasons someone could be abusing drugs.

  • Most of the substances could give off a pleasurable feeling, more like euphoric.
  • Once the pleasurable feelings have subsided, unwanted feelings like depression, anxiety, anger may be present.

When someone is being influenced by drugs or is following influenced, that person may report perceptions that do not match reality. Example such as hearing voices, seeing people or objects that are not even there, delusional thoughts and other sensory hallucinations. These could also be referred to as psychotic symptoms.

  • People who are abusing drugs may make statements that shows they are responding to to stimuli that are not there (eg: voices that are not there)
  • The feeling of paranoid that someone is trying to hurt them.

Any extreme behaviors could be shown as a warning sign indicating drug abuse.

  • Obsessive behaviors  Staying up and keep on doing the same routine or tasks or phrase in a compulsive manner could be a sign of drug abuse of crystal meth.
  • Missing for certain periods of time and making new routines with new friends are common.
  • Secretiveness – A person could become quite secretive when it comes to communication and be more guarded.
  • Drastic change in beliefs – If a person was previously religious and focused on family but now has n time for neither, it could be one of the factors of drug abuse. Or, if a person was not religious but suddenly develop preoccupations with religious content  (eg: starts reading the bible persistently).
  • Using measures to conceal – Addicts may try to cover their signs of abuse, such as wearing shades in the house or  wearing long sleeves during summer.
  • Paraphernalia – If you find pill bottles, large amount of money, needles, scales or empty alcohol containers are all warning signs.
  • Random injuries or illness – When is person is intoxicated, they are more likely to get injured and if this continues and they’re having more “accidents”, it could be a sign.



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