What You Need To Know About Drugs

Knowing all kinds of drugs will be super beneficial for you so that you can recognize and understand the drugs. Drugs are chemical that can change the way of person’s body works. Most people who meet probably have said that drugs are not good for you, but the question now is, what does that mean and why are drugs bad?

Medicines are Legal Legals.

If you’ve ever been sick before, then you realize that doctors will prescribed medicines that can help cure you. Medicines are the legal drugs, meaning that doctors are allowed to hand the medicines to patients and pharmacy stores can sell them and people are allowed to purchase them. It’s not legal, however, if people were to use these medicines any way they want or to buy them from people who sells the medicine illegally.

Cigarettes and Alcohol.

Cigarettes ad alcohol are two different types of drugs, but smoking and drinking are not healthy for adults in general and is prohibited for children to consume.

Illegal Drugs.

When someone start mentioning about “drug problems”, chances are they are abusing legal drugs or using illegal drugs for example marijuana, ecstasy, cocaine, crystal meth and heroin. Though not to make it too confusing, marijuana is originally an illegal drug, however, some states allow doctors to recommend to adults to help them with their illnesses.

Why Are Illegal Drugs Dangerous?

Drugs that are illegal are dangerous for everyone and they particularly bad for children or a teenager whose bodies are still in the growth process. Illegal drugs have the potential to damage the brain, liver, heart and other important organs.

While doing drugs, people are also less able to strive in school, sports and other activities. It could affect their ability to make good decisions and can influence them to do something horrible.

Why Do People Use Illegal Drugs?

There are so many reasons why people did what they did. Some kids and teens thought that in order to fit in with a group, they’d have to do something illegal. Someone may used drugs to keep them sane or escape from the reality. A person who feels sad or or upset will feel slightly better once the drugs are taken.

It’s a fact however, drugs do not solve problems. Somebody who uses drugs for the first time can either become dependent or addicted. Which means the user’s body has become used to having this drug to a point where the user can’t function well without it.

Can I Tell If Someone Is Using Drugs?

A person who is under the heavy influence of drugs will show many signs; from the way they behave, talk, act and they way they look. But you should remember that depression or other problems could be the cause of the changes. A person on drugs might:

  • lose interest in school
  • become moody, negative, cranky or angry
  • have trouble concentrating
  • sleep a lot
  • have red or puffy eyes
  • cough a lot
  • lose and gain weight
  • runny nose

What Can I Do To Help?

If you find someone who is under the influence or is abusing drugs, better to let an adult that you trust knows. A grownup can help fine the treatment needed to stop the use of drugs. Kids can help other kids by choosing not to try or use drugs.


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