Why Prevention Matters for Teens

Helping teenagers to prevent them from abusing drugs or alcohol is another way of helping them getting through a vulnerable time in their life.

The ultimate goal of prevention is basically to just postponing that first drink until they are mature enough to know which is right and wrong.

Negative Consequences of Teen Substance Abuse

It’s crucial to remember that we should not try to downplay teenage drinking or even drug abuse. Some teens may get used to the behavior and those who do will got through really bad consequences of drug abuse that might last long. These include:

  • Mental high problems (including depression and anxiety)
  • Strained or broken relationships with friends and family
  • Physical health problems
  • Academic problems and suspensions
  • End up in juvenile justice system

Teens Who May be at Risk.

According to statistics, some teenager might be at risk of developing a substance abuse problem. Having an idea of who might be in this kind of situation could provide important prevention help for teens who need it most. Common risks in teens can be found like:

Are in periods of transitions.

The transition from elementary to middle or middle to high school means that teenager are quickly being pushed to new pressures and influences. In order for them to be accepted within the older crowds, teens may be encouraged to drugs just to fit in, or social circles could play the part as well.

Suffer from mental health disorders.

Mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety or other medical health disorders can start manifest in children even when they are young. In most cases, those who face this kind of issues will likely have a substance abuse problem.

Don’t have positive adult influences.

Those who came from abusive or broken homes are normally not aware regarding the effects of rug abuse. In other words, teens who grow up around family members or caretakers who were abusing drugs will most likely continue the cycle in their own lives.




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